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Marriage Hall Management System

Mountain View

Marriage Hall Management System

Marriage Hall Management System Functions is as follows:

• User Accounts for Administrator and Manager

• Event Calender Shows Bookings Date

• Booking Details shows, Booking Date, Event, Shift, Halls, Single Dish, Menu, Cost per Head, Customer Name,CNIC, phone,AC Charges, Other Charges

• Booking Details of all the Customers and their Payments record like advance and Final Payment

• Pending Payment Shows if payment is due then it will be shown automatically to pending payments

• In Menu and Stock there is inventory system, Dishes which will be made through inventory and Menu will be made through Dishes

• Reports wil show the bookings month wise and Date wise and Profit reports will be shown to main admin

• Employee reports shows their attendance, Salary by month and by daily wage

• Employees can be added via salary and their rank , attendence record

• Expenses date wise

• Messaging option is available to introduce new offers and thanks to customers and Messaging to all employees

• Manual Backup or Auto backup to desired folder

• Easy to use and user friendly

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